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How do you integrate livestreaming into a B2B brand's marketing campaign?

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Livestreaming gained its popularity in China and has now become a hugely popular channel for retailers and marketers globally during COVID-19 to promote and sell products.

Live streaming complements e-commerce perfectly by providing the "human touch" element and by directing the live stream traffic to an e-commerce platform to close the sale.

In China, some livestreams can garner millions of sales within a few minutes and live streaming celebrities can earn millions in commission.


Scania China was launching a bundled solution sales for their trucks in China, a major initiative in their 2020 marketing calendar following the launch of their new trucks in 2019.

The bundled solution aimed to drive solution sales in addition to the truck by including maintenance services and parts, and a financing solution suited to different types of business.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place which prevented the holding of physical events, we implemented a live stream campaign for the launch of the bundled solution sales in China to drive awareness and generate sales leads.

In addition, we conducted a series of social media marketing activities leveraging Scania's owned media, sales team and dealers to promote the livestream event to customers and potential customers alike.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event management marketing
  • Livestream marketing
  • Wechat Marketing
  • Copywriting


Pre-event teasers on generated close to 300,000 views on Scania WeChat, Weibo and Toutiao.

The livestream event was watched by close to 2,000 viewers and generated more than 3,800 comments and enquiries.

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