Angel Align China Website SEO

How do you optimize a website so that it can rank highly in the organic search results?

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Angel Align is the largest provider of transparent teeth aligner in China.  When Angel Align approached us, their website did not perform well in natural search - less than 10% of webpages were indexed (out of more than 200 webpages) and only 3 brand keywords were listed on page 1 of Baidu organic search results.

Client's objective was to have 15 priority keywords listed on 1st page of Baidu and maximize the number of webpages indexed within 6 months.


We performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities in 3 areas:

  • Optimized the website technical construct
  • Enhanced the website content with priority keywords 
  • Built inbound links from external websites


  • SEO
  • Site information architecture
  • User Research
  • Copy writing

  • Achieved 10 keywords listed on page 1 within 2 months and 15 keywords within 4 months.
  • Number of pages indexed increased to 200 pages within 4 months.
  • As a result, website visits from search engines increased by 3 fold in 4 months.